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Olayinka Owolabi

Owolabi Olayinka
Creative Director, kybeauties skincare

Know what we do!

This is my beauty world where originality meets beauty.CoolLove

It is every woman's dream to possess a smooth, clear and flawless skin without so much stress

Here, in kybeauties skincare home, we are in business to walk you through the beauty regimens that works quite well for your skin type.

 our services

We offer skincare treatments that covers:

*Natural skin lightening treatments and creams

*Stretchmarks removal

*pimples and acne treatmets

*herbal breast firming and enlargement

* cellulite treatment and prevention creams

* puffy eye treatment cream etc

*dark knockles and elbow

*treatment of skin pigmentations|blemishes




make ups

Hi hybeauties, 

Makeup is one beauty habit or beauty line (business aspect) that cannot be undersetimated. every woman should have a bit of makeup on to enahance her beauty and restore her confidence.

From experience and few observations, women with makeups on feel more confident and smart than women without makeups. i stand the chancce to be corrected!

In the real sense of it, let"s argue this!

it is so amazing how large and successfully the cosmetic industry has grown. lots of fantastic products here and there and if you are not certain about your choice of brand, you will be confused when you get to the cosmetic stores. uhmmm!

theses ranges from sonya flawless , bh, marykay, black opal, ailin, oriflame, house of tara,